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Andrea Bailey

From enhancing my skill sets and fundamentals through club ball to becoming a leader of my high-school team where I was All-State and a part of a winning culture. I was fortunate through my hard work, dedication and valuable coaches along the way to earn a scholarship at Western Oregon University! I continued to develop my love for the game and knowledge in the college ranks and learned what it takes to be an impact collegiate athlete.

Through my playing career I learned three things in which I pass along
to all of my students. 

1- Extreme Work Ethic - nothing was ever handed to me. I had to fight for everything I earned. Through quality reps at practice, studying the game and
being coachable you can become a very talented softball player

2- You must bring the ENERGY and EFFORT everyday. Good day or bad day. You feel great or you feel slow. Effort and energy is a choice! It can be manufactured everyday you step out on the field. You will learn energy is infectious and can bring the whole team up when effort is shown at a high level. Value your time with your passion and never waste a minute of it.

3- Relationships are EVERYTHING. Learning to become a good, trustworthy teammate is the most impart thing you can learn playing sports. Selfishness in a team sport is toxic, but being someone who invest in their teammates on and off the field is priceless. Build your culture and lead the way.

I never would have imagined building the empire today. During my years at college, it was very easy for me to give back and help others at their game because my coaches played a massive role in who I am today. Because of my coaches, I survived so much in my life and overcame major obstacles. The feeling of paying it forward is unmatched. I can remember my first lesson like it was yesterday. I charged 20 bucks and spent two hours on the field with my client and it was the best thing ever. That client had an amazing experience and told a friend. That is how I grew to where I am today. What a ride it has been. 12 years later I am in a facility that I got to design, a partner that I love working with, and a very busy schedule full of kids that make me smile and make my heart full.

Coaching has always been second to instructing but I love going out there and grinding with the girls. The best part of coaching is seeing your instruction come together as a whole on the field. I have coached 10U National contenders to 18U rockstars that are college bound and everything in between.

It is simple love working with kids on advancing skill sets, enhancing confidence and empowering them through strong meaningful relationships. We can be in a cage, on a field or in a dog fight for a championship but my message is always the same. 

Together We Will- overcome any adversity that comes our way. 

Together We Will- learn from failures, self correct, and make positive adjustments.

Together We Will- grind tirelessly on improving swing mechanics, footwork and glove positioning. 

Together We Will- bring the energy and effort it takes to become a champion.

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List of accomplishments coming soon.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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