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Changing the game with these training classes!


Contact Andrea with AB Training to get more info or to sign up to join a class.



JR Infield Mafia

Newer to softball and wanting to increase your infielding skill level?  This class is for our beginners of all ages and will include more breakdown instruction.

Infield Mafia

Ready to take your skills to the next level?  Join us as we continue to work on our infield skills.  This class is open to everyone but will contain mixed skill levels and be fast paced.  

Advanced Infield Mafia

Our advanced class is currently invite only.  Please reach out to Andrea if you are interested in joining this class.

Catchers Mafia

Want to improve your skills behind the plate? This class is for all ages and skill levels.  We can break into groups and utilize multiple instructors.  

Lifting Mafia

If you are looking to get stronger, then this class is for you.  Combining weight training, body weight movements and resistance training, Coach Suzy Braker will help you build muscles and healthy habits!

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